When you take advantage of the power of data, you begin to see:

  • Growth Opportunities

    Data is simply answers to questions. When you start to analyze your data, you start to see hidden opportunities for growth that you did not even know existed!

  • Website Traffic

    Once you understand how visitors are arriving on your website, you can capitalize on that information and tailor your content to attract more.

  • Data-Based Decisions

    When you leverage the insights that data can provide, you can make smart data-based decisions going forward. No more guessing!

Mini-Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome

    1. Connecting Google Analytics

    2. Connecting Google Search Console

    1. Connecting Data Sources to Google Data Studio

    2. Copy and Connect Your Data Sources

    3. Allowing Community Visualizations

    1. Dashboard Tips

    2. Troubleshooting

    3. Looking For More?

    1. Creating a Brand New Google Analytics Account

About this course

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